2 Months Search, Hostage Release Operation Continues, Pilot Safety is Top Priority


Timika - The search operation for Susi Air Pilot Philip Mark Marthens by the TNI-Polri Task Force continued and was expanded to four districts.

Various efforts have been taken by the TNI-Polri Task Force to free the New Zealand pilot. Not infrequently in its implementation there are many obstacles. This was stated directly by Kombes Pol I Gede Era Adhinata as the Head of the 2023 Ops Damai Cartenz  Law Enforcement Task Force in a press conference at the Mimika Police Headquarters, Monday (10/04/2023).

"Until now it has been about 2 months, but we are still tracking and searching. As for the obstacles in the field, we all know that the terrain in Papua is mountainous with altitude, high rainfall complete with low temperatures and some areas that are very difficult to find. to reach," he said.

At the press conference, Kombes Era said that the TNI-POLRI Task Force had succeeded in securing one of KKB's men, Egianus Kogoya, along with firearms and hundreds of ammunition.

"From the results of law enforcement efforts, we have succeeded in arresting one of the troops from the Egianus Kogoya group with the initials YL," he said.

Furthermore, from the results of the investigation it is known that the person concerned plays a role apart from being a troop as well as a collector of weapons, logistics, ammunition, and is tasked with guarding the headquarters. YL has carried out its actions from 2021 to 2023, the last being involved in the burning of a Susi Air plane in the Paro district some time ago.

The arrest of the KKB member and the successful safekeeping of the rifles and ammunition was a serious blow to the KKB Egianus Kogoya group.

"By securing this evidence, of course it can reduce the actions that will be more sporadic than this group. Because various kinds of evidence are secured, especially hundreds of ammunition, several weapons and several other items," added Kombes Era.

At the end of the opportunity, his party stated that the search would continue by prioritizing the safety of the hostages.

"We ask that in the meantime the team is conducting a search and trace, of course there are many obstacles to be faced. The wider community also already knows how the natural conditions are in Papua, especially in the Trikora Peak area, so we need to be gradual, and the most important thing at this time is the safety of the pilots. itself," concluded Kombes Era.

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