Timika – The joint TNI-Polri team succeeded in securing 1 member of the Armed Criminal Group (KKB) in the Ilaga area, Puncak Regency, with the initials (B. alias Y.M), Wednesday/5/4/2023.

Head of Operations Damai Cartenz 2023, Kombespol. Dr. Faizal Ramadhani, S.SOS, S.I.K, M.H., when confirming that the arrest of a member of the KKB, B. alias Y.M, started with a report from the public regarding the presence of the KKB member, the officers followed up and arrested him.

“This KKB member, B. alias Y.M, was involved in the shooting of a motorcycle taxi driver, Ojek An. Udin who died on April 14 2021 in Eromaga Village, Omukia District, Kab. Puncak with LP / 10 / IV / 2021 / Papua / Peak Res April 15 2021, Burning of the BTS Tower on January 3 2021, Burning of the UP MI815 Helicopter Owned by PT. Ersa at Aminggaru Airport on April 11 2021 with LP / 11 / IV / 2021 / I / Papua / Peak Res on April 15 2021, and the shooting of members of the Nemangkawi Ops in 2021 in Olenki Village, on April 27 2021 “said Ka Ops Damai Carstenz-2023.

He continued, the member of the KKB, B. alias Y.M, was the subordinate of the KKB Puncak leadership, Numbuk Telenggen and Pilanus Walker. and has been involved in several actions that have resulted in casualties from civil society as well as TNI-Polri officials.

It has not even been a week since the KKB arrest in Puncak. The joint TNI-Polri Ops Damai Cartenz-2023 team managed to secure 1 member of the Armed Criminal Group (KKB) in the Ndugama region with the initials Y.L along with hundreds of ammunition and firearms, in Nduga Regency, Papua Mountains, Monday (10/04/1023).

“After being secured, further investigation and development was carried out on a suspected KKB member in the Nduga area with the initials “Y.L” who was a member of the KKB leadership Egianus Kogoya and played a role as a troop and supplier of logistics, food ingredients, rifles and ammunition for the KKB group led by Egianus Kogoya, ” said Kombes Pol Era

The successful arrest of a member of the KKB Group Egianus Kogoya was inseparable from the efforts and hard work of the Joint Team TNI-Polri Ops Peaceful Cartenz-2023, led by Lt. Col. Inf. Rinto Wijaya, M.I.Pol. M.Han, Danyonif Raider 514/Sabbada Yudha and Captain Countri Aurora, as well as Ipda Rajab Ilyas and Ipda Krisna who carried out the pursuit and search for the suspect “Y.L”.

He added that with the arrest of the suspect “Y.L”, we hope that of course we can reduce the more sporadic actions of the KKB Group in the Nduga Region.

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