Avoiding the KKB Terror, Residents of a Number of Villages Flee to the Kenyam District

Jayapura - Papua Police Chief Inspector General Mathius Fakhiri admitted that the exodus of residents from a number of villages in Nduga to Kenyam, the district capital, was due to fear of being terrorized by an armed criminal group (KKB).

Inspector General Fakhiri said that the TNI/Polri together with the Nduga Regency Government had asked residents to temporarily reside in Kenyam to anticipate security disturbances.

This was carried out in line with efforts to free the Susi Air pilot who was held hostage by the KKB.

However, the two-star general of the National Police denied that residents had been forced to leave their villages.

Faakhiri said that the community left the village for Kenyam because they were aware that they were afraid of being disturbed by the KKB, which often carried out terror attacks.

He said the people were afraid, so they walked for several days before being helped by the security forces.

"KKB members also often disturb the community so that they experience fear," said Inspector General Faakhiri.

According to him, the needs of the people of a number of villages in Kenyam are assisted by the Nduga Regency Government, Papua Mountains Province.

Regarding the efforts to free pilot Susi Air who is a New Zealand national, Inspector General Fakhiri said that currently rescue efforts are continuing with the involvement of local community leaders.

"Hopefully in the near future he will be released in good health," said Inspector General Fahiri.

Susi Air pilot Philip has been held hostage by the KKB since February 7 after landing his plane in Paro, Nduga Regency.

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