Papua Police Chief: TNI-Polri Keep Trying to Free Hostages from the KKB

Jayapura - Until now the Papua Police Chief Inspector General. Pol. Mathius D. Fahiri, S.I.K., emphasized that the TNI and Polri are continuing to try to free the New Zealand hostages from the KKB.

In the effort to release the TNI and Polri, they prioritize the safety of the hostages who work as pilots at Susi Air.

"Indeed, in moving the TNI and Polri are committed that the pilot's safety is the main thing in efforts to free him," said the Papua Regional Police Chief, Friday (14/4/23).

One of the reasons for the lengthy release was due to geography and the size of the area. In addition, the KKB led by Egianus Kogoya often moved places, making it difficult for members in the field.

However, the Kapolda is optimistic that the TNI-Polri will soon release pilot Phillip. He said, in carrying out the hostage release efforts his party involved all parties including community leaders so that they could help speed up the process of their release.

Until now the search has been extended not only to Nduga Regency, but also to other districts such as Lanny Jaya to the Yahukimo border.

"Hopefully pilot Phillip can be released from the hands of the KKB soon," he said.

Pilot Philip has been held hostage by KKB led by Egianus Kogoya since February 7 2023, shortly after the plane he was flying was burned at the Paro airfield, Nduga Regency, Papua Mountains.

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