Thank you to the people who want to work together against the KKB!, Brigadier General JO Sembiring Said

TIMIKA - Korem 172/PWY Commander Brigadier General J. O Sembiring expressed his appreciation for the people in the Nduga region who were involved in helping the security forces, in the context of eradicating armed criminal groups.

This was conveyed by Sembiring in a press conference held at the Central Papua Mimika Police Service Headquarters regarding the arrest of a member of the KKB, Monday (10/4/2023) afternoon.

"We all ranks of the TNI-Polri express our appreciation and gratitude to the community, especially the Nduga complex, the border in Kuyawage, Puncak, Agats (Asmat), who have become more courageous in conveying the existence of an armed criminal group who are the perpetrators of this terror," he said.

His party also continues to appeal to the public to be willing and courageous to report if this criminal group is suspected of being in their area and not to be afraid to reject them.

In addition, Sembiring said that this armed criminal group is a group that hinders development in Papua.

"The existence of this group hinders our development in Papua, they are a common enemy. Such as the order conveyed by President Jokowi to create peace, peace in the land of Papua and fully support the development carried out by the government in Papua. We, the ranks of the TNI-Polri and all existing stakehokder, are working to make all of this happen," he added.

At the end of his presentation Brigadier General Sembiring told the armed criminal group to immediately surrender to be accountable for their actions to the community.

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